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Posted by Kokoro Hane on December 4, 2011 at 1:05 PM

Okay, so today is the day that I announce the winners of the first annuel Crimson Shadows fanart contest! Thank you to all who participated, I loved all your fanarts, and believe me, choosing the winners was no easy task, since every fanart had their own charm to it. The hardest to choose was the Grand Prize winner, since I was stuck between either what I chose for it and the first runner-up. I will start first with the Honorable Mentions (the entries that, sorry to say, did not win) and then the fourth runner-up to the grand prize winner. Every fanart has a comment beneath them of what I thought. All winners, be sure to contact me via e-mail at [email protected] with subject "CS Prize" since many of you either had a choice of prize, or you won a commission, so be sure to request what you want drawn! Alright, here we go...



This is a really adorable picture of both Nadeshiko, and the yet to appear Takayoshi! Their personalities are beautifully and accurately expressed, showing that Takayoshi is a bit more on the quiet side, while Nadeshiko is the more hyper, cheery type. This also shows major progress and improvement in your work, Selena-chan!

Jessica R.

Yay! My first Rita Kai fanart! She was drawn beautifully. I especially love the eyes. This is probably how Rita SHOULD be drawn!

Fourth Runner-Up


This is a really cute and fitting illustration of little Nadeshiko! I love how she's holding a lollipop, and how there's a pink ribbon loosely wrapping. It would make a wonderful DREAM furoku card.

You may choose between either; a black and white waist commission, or 1 free art print of choice.

Third Runner-Up

Ki Hiwatari

The simplicity of this illustration is also what makes it so eye-catching. The way the eyes are drawn and the beautiful coloring, creates such a crisp, and clean look that I can stare at for awhile. I love how the theme was blue. It gives for a cool, wintery feel.

You have won a free black and white waist up commission, as well as 1 free art print of choice.

Second Runner-Up

Maika Lamerouge

The perspective is brilliant, and so eye catching. I like how Satomi is drawn in a more realistic style of manga. I especially adore the epic shading effect and checkered floor!

You have won a digitally colored waist up commission, as well as 2 free art prints of choice.

First Runner-Up


I could very much say that this fanart captures the essence of Crimson Shadows. Expressed in visual, not in words, this illustration conveys Satomi's thoughts of the vaccine. The failure, knowing she was right, and also her sympathy for the fact it was made with true and honest good intentions. The texture and coloring makes this image so epic, and Satomi is drawn how I wish I could draw her myself!

You have won a digitally colored full body commission, and may choose between either a reserved copy of the art book "Colored Fragments" or the prequel one-shot "Cadence's Prayer". Your illustration concept will be redrawn by me to become an art book EXCLUSIVE.



The details and sorrowful elegance of this illustration is simply marvelous. Cadence in a cage in an elegant lolita style dress, with a bandaged angel wing, and Aaron bandaged up with a reflection of his former self in the water. The concept is no short of a masterpiece, with brilliant small details, soft shading, and crisp visual.

Congrats! Your illustration concept will be redrawn by me to become an OFFICIAL chapter page! You have also won a reserved copy of both the art book "Colored Fragments" and the prequel one-shot "Cadence's Prayer", as well as a digitally colored full body commission.


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i'll choose an art print~ X33333 YAY~